Tauren Marine!!!

Giochiamo in LEGA PANTEGANA e ci chiamano F***ING LAMER... e allora?
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Tauren Marine!!!

Post by Maloghigno » 01/04/2008 23:33

Trains From: Mulgore
Armament: 88mm Impala Gauss Rifle
Role: Shock Troops


http://www.starcraft2.com/features/terr ... marine.xml

sarà mica un pesce d'aprile??? :asd:

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Post by CuginoIt » 02/04/2008 13:35

bah... in effetti puzza di pesce d'aprile :) Soprattutto per via dei riferimenti a Diablo e W3..... e poi guarda i filmatini: quanto sono imba quei cosi?!?

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Post by ayakuccia_o.O » 03/04/2008 00:20


il murloc sulle spalle!!!! Geniale come pesce d'aprile! :lol:

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Post by arklan_o.O » 03/04/2008 10:07

The obscure planet of Azeroth was found to harbor a dizzying selection of humans, mutants, and aliens in a state of perpetual superstition and conflict. The most physically imposing of these warrior races were the so-called 'tauren,' an anthropomorphic bovine genotype with super-human stamina, overpowered racial combat abilities, and bizarrely well-developed horticultural skills.

oddio mi sento male :mrgreen:
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