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Re: Vasco e Nonciclopedia

Post by Shauron_o.O » 10/10/2011 16:39

Giusto per aggiornare la versione Inglese di Nonciclopedia su Vasco e sul loro senso dell'umorismo ecco a voi cosa hanno scritto dopo il fattaccio:
Cito la descrizione iniziale, magari son costretti a cambiarla :asd:
Vasco Rossi (born Feburary 7, 1952) is one hell of a great, great, guy and the best Italian singer in the world. He is well respected, liked by everyone, and has had all his albums go to platinum. His choice of lifestyle is the envy of the world, and is well respected to all his fellow peers. In June 2011, the world was saddened when Rossi decided to retire from the music business. "Just...the greatest", said Paul McCartney on Rossi,"he makes me look like some 12 year old emo musician". "I took signing lessons from him", claimed Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in 1990. There is no doubt that Rossi is the greatest musician and artist of all time.
Also, some mean ass wiki called "Nonciclopedia" or something made fun of him. Jealous bastards. What do those 15 year old brats know?
A me ha fatto molto più ridere di quella scritta dalla versione Italiana ed obiettivamente tutte le pagine della versione Inglese sono più simpatiche di quelle Italiane, come ad esempio la pagina dedicata all'Italia:
History: They won all the wars, at the end! They simply changed the side before it was too late.
Flag: The Italian flag is inspired by Pizza Margherita. The green stands for olives (or basil; political historians continue to debate this point), white for mozzarella cheese, and red for tomato sauce or pepperoni.
Fact: It seems that wars beetwen mafia and government ended in 1994. The mafia won and now rules with his leader don Sivvio Bellusconi (sicilian spelling)

E via dicendo :asd:

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