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Partite RATED

Post by ganimede » 04/07/2005 16:22

E' stata rilasciata una intervista a Greg Street della Ensemble Studios, riporto qui sotto alcune domande/risposte.. in particolare sembra interessante l'ultima domanda:

with no drop off points will villagers still gather persay 10 and than auto drop it off?

DS: No. As soon as you gather 1 resource, it goes into your stockpile. No more weird artifacts from switching from Wood to Food when you have 4 Food in your arms.

Will the naval combat be more complicated than in the previous age of games?

DS: Slightly, but it's still pretty familiar. There aren't boarding parties and the like.

another.... how large are the home cities? is it more of less one view or can u pan around and see more buildings and such

DS: What you see in the screenshots is most of the city. You can zoom around to some extent, but you can't go up the hill in the distance and look at those buildings.

also with your home city do rated and non rated games go to the same city?

DS: For purposes of experience, yes, but non rated games won't advance you on any ladders. Also certain options, like turning on cheating, won't grant you XP at all. There's still a chance all games will be rated, so we can just avoid some of the confusion. It works a little differently from AOM where the rating was the uber score that everyone wanted to improve.

Chi parla bene inglese può tradurre :) .. Io ho capito il senso ma una traduzione letterale rischierebbe di farmi fare una figura di ... :menato:


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